Anime Fun

I'm not a big fan of anime but just yesterday I came across a site that shows the cool cover art of the film "Appleseed Ex Machina" (Latin:, pronounced [eks mah-kee-nah]). When my son saw the pics, he immediately said, "Daddy, I like that game".

Personally, I also liked what I saw and soon googled where I can get a copy of this movie. I got one and oh boy, I was very glad I did. Indeed, long gone are the days when anime meant "Astro Boy" as I have to rub my eyes to make sure if Appleseed is animated or live action. I learned that the makers used mocap (motion capture) actors to add to the film's realism. Adding attraction to this feature is the fact that it has John Woo's (producer) signature written all over it. The usual two-handed firepower displays and doves that fly up at key moments are in it.

With stunning CGI graphics and a Dolby digital 5.1 audio, this flick should make a good home theater demo. Make sure that you have your speakers set up properly as you set yourself to be immersed with whooshing spacecrafts, weaponry whizzing from left to right and artillery shells in all the right places.

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