Call Center Robot Agents

Forget agent poaching from competing call centers. Soon, robots could very well serve as threats to job security. UK artificial intelligence company Artingence says it will have computerized contact center agents that sound like humans available to take calls within a year.

Called AIDA (Artificially Intelligent Directed Agent), they will answer the phone and deal with a range of caller inquiries. Artingence said it believes its technology will remove the need for callers to be put on hold while helping contact center companies with recruitment problems.

"We have a team working ... to integrate four software packages that already exist, voice synthesis, voice recognition, artificial intelligence and the call center software," said Artingence sales director Adam Rogers. "The voice synthesizer we are using is so far advanced you could literally call up and roll out a sentence and the software package could interpret it in order to understand your request," Rogers said. People would also have the option to speak to a human voice at any point that they wanted.

If the idea interests you, you may get in touch with the company through the contact details indicated in their website Hmm... I wonder if a robot answers your call.

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