Eject USB Devices Fast!

I wonder why Windows did not come up with a quicker way of taking out your USB devices? We do it by clicking on the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ option in the System Tray. Then it shows you a list that confuses you which device is to be removed.

What if you have multiple USB Devices connected in your system? Personally, I feel annoyed at the hardware remove message when it doesn’t even make it clear which option unplugs which device.

Enough of that. Download the 467KB tiny but useful utility called the USB Disk Ejector. Just double click the cool-looking icon to remove a USB drive and a small window will pop up listing the devices connected to your system through USB. Each device is labelled clearly, double click on the one that you want to remove. Guaranteed. It's much faster than the built-in Windows USB eject.

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