A Laptop With Face Recognition

So you're security conscious and your laptop requires a password every time it's booted up. Other people can get your username and password too, but not unless they're cosmetic surgeons, they can't get your face. That's why the Lenovo Y410 gives you a breakthrough face recognition technology. The Y410 is sleek, light and mobile. It features an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Intel Integrated Graphics, 160GB SATA HDDs, 2GB DDR2 memory (667 MHz), and it also comes packed with connectivity options such as IRDA, Bluetooth, VLAN, Modem and 10/100 Ethernet.

Lenovo's Veriface software is a cool and secure way to log on. It works by taking a digital picture of the user, and then uses it as a password. This reliable identification system utilizes the notebook's 1.3M camera. In the event of an unauthorized user, the notebook photographs the user and stores it in the Guest Album.

Lenovo Y410's Shuttle Center is a total entertainment package that provides a complete multimedia experience. With Shuttle Center, you can (1) record TV programs to your PC and fast forward through commercials, (TV capability available with USB TV tuner card.) (2) watch DVDs, (3) store and access your entire music library, (4) store, edit and view your digital photos.

The Lenovo Y410 has a full size, splash-proof keyboard and it's Power Management Application is designed to help extend battery life by 20-30%. It's style and high performance that's also portable and reliable. All at a Philippine SRP of P42,500.

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