Make Your Own Business Card

So, you’re ready to do business and meet your first client. That newly pressed suit looks nice on you. But wait, how about your business card? No more time to order? No software to make business cards? No design skills? No problem. Create and print your own business cards at Businesscardland.

The site provides basic templates to choose from, then lets you fill in as much personal information as you’d like. Next, you choose from a palette of about 100 colors for the text, accents and backgrounds. The business card maker then creates a downloadable PDF showing a full sheet of cards for home/office printing.

Ideally, you should have these done by a professional commercial printer, but if you’re now heading to a business meet or a trade show and you need some business cards in a jiffy, then this solves your problem.


4checks said...

If you are looking for an easier solution for business cards check out You can create and order online. Find deals on their Facebook and MySpace pages.

Jay said...

Great! Thanks! I have always preferred printing my own business cards. I'll definitely try this out.

Jun said...

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Jay said...

I appreciate you dropping by Junior. I checked out your site and I have to say that it's very informative for a newbie blogger like me.