The Ultimate Working Chair

We sit a lot. For office-based work, we probably sit half of the time we're there. Add to it the length of time we sit in our homes. My quick guess is that we sit at least 20 years total in our entire lifetime.

This brings to light the importance of maintaining a good sitting posture. The Aeron is an ergonomic chair that is regarded by many as the most comfortable due to its wide range of adjustability. It adapts precisely to fit people of all sizes and postures doing all kinds of activities all day long. It adjusts to the body's shape and size by adjusting its tilt, height, arms, and lumbar support. It provides high-performance, long-term seating with a full complement of adjustments and innovative suspension; for computer work, general office work, and casual or formal meetings.

The chair differs from a typical upholstery-over-cushioning-base design. Instead, the seat and back are made of a stretched, semi-transparent, and flexible mesh. Another noteworthy feature is that the Aeron is manufactured in three different sizes. It can be customized through modular extensions like armrests and changeable bases to accommodate varied fields of deployment.

You could sit all the time using the Aeron. Like it? Then, be prepared to spend a small fortune because it's ridiculously priced at $750.

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