Wi-Fi Your Camera

Sure digital cameras take better pictures than most camera phones, but the latter allows you to send photos instantaneously through wireless bluetooth, wi-fi or MMS. If you find it a hassle to take out your digicam's external memory and insert it in the card reader every time you need to upload, then the Eye-Fi is for you.

It's an SD memory card that adds Wi-Fi to any camera. The free Eye-Fi service even supports automatic uploads to 20 different web photo sites like Flickr and of course your computer on your home network.

You simply snap pics in the range of your router, and by the time you go back to your computer, the pictures will be viewable. If your router dies, it can be a normal 2GB memory card and can work as such.

The 2GB Eye-Fi is priced at $100. It may be too much for a cable or dock replacement but then again, automatically uploading your photos to share in real time is really cool.

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