Face Recognition

Just a couple of posts back I wrote about a laptop that has Veriface, a face recognition tool utilized by PC manufacturer Lenovo. I would say that it's one feature that made the Y410 so cool to own.

Now guess what? I came across awhile ago an application called LemonScreen developed by KeyLemon. Like Veriface, the freeware application adds face recognition login to your webcam-equipped Windows computer. Unfortunately, it still won't work to replace the Window logon, but you can use it to unlock your PC if you manually lock it or after a period of inactivity that you can specify. Anyway, to use LemonScreen, install it and create a face model which will enrol your face through the webcam. Your face is scanned and its features are then used to build a statistical representation, stored in binary format for detection. Then set up LemonScreen to lock after a predefined amount of inactivity (or hit Alt-L to lock at any time). Once locked, LemonScreen will keep an eye on faces coming and going in front of the camera. When it matches yours, it immediately unlocks your computer. Cool, right?

It might not be entirely foolproof. It's still a beta app, and I wouldn't trust it as a truly secure solution at this time. But if you're not really worried about that, this is a very fun login tool. If for any reason the application doesn't recognize your face, you can still manually type in your regular password.

LemonScreen is free to download and currently runs on Windows only. It's so high tech that it makes me feel like Neo of The Matrix.

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