Blogging For Beginners

Despite myself being online for more than a decade already, I regret discovering blogging only in the recent years. I admit that I was skeptical at first when I read stories of bloggers making money through blogging. It was the same skepticism that I felt when someone offered me to invest in multi-level marketing or networking ventures (apologies to the legitimate networkers).

One article that I read late last year really inspired me. It tells the story of an unemployed guy who started blogging as a hobby right after finishing college in 2006. Little did he realize that a year later, his hobby would provide him regular earnings of $x,xxx monthly. Not a bad income for doing something that someone enjoys doing.

After reading the story, my initial reaction was to search "blog" in Google. The search results brought me to my blog host right now, Blogger. I promptly signed up an account and decided to come up with a "Make Money Online" blog. I wrote and published my first post on the same day and was stucked with that single post in the next 7 months.

As I thought about it, I began to question my writing authority on the subject. How can I write about "making money online" when I haven't even made a single cent myself? How can I claim to my readers that I "make money online" when I didn't even have my own domain name?

For some reason, I began blogging again in June and taking the cue from the other blogs that I read, I immediately searched for paying opportunities online. In a span of 4 days, I was lucky to find and complete 2 writing projects which I posted in my blog. Less than a week later, I was notified that my posts were approved and I earned $65 (P2,970). That's good money for 2 posts with a total of 300 words in between.

I've been asked in the office and online what I get from blogging. Other than the satisfaction that I get from writing, it's obvious that making money is a plus. I know that this opportunity would probably interest a number of the readers. If you want to give this a try, go ahead, start a blog and make money through some of my sponsors featured at the right. Check them out.

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