Criticize Anonymously

Constructive criticism is said to be a compassionate attitude towards a person qualified for a criticism. It intends to uplift the other person materially, morally, emotionally or spiritually.

The problem with constructive criticism is that not everyone is receptive to it. This shouldn't prevent you however to express a helpful message. There might be times when you feel the need to tell your friend, officemate or classmate that they need to take a shower or get some breath mints. That wouldn't be easy.

There are difficult thoughts that most of us cannot communicate comfortably on the face of a person. Well, the internet is here to help you with NiceCritic.

NiceCritic is a free service that allows users to send a message to someone in a safe and non-embarrassing way. You can send a critical message to any email ID anonymously.

No logins or downloads required. To get started, select the category among various options like: personal hygiene, appearance, office behavior, suggestion, praise etc.

Then choose any of the thought or message listed in the selected category. Click on ’send this message’, then enter the recipient name and email ID to send your ‘critic’ message anonymously.

Remember, this service is supposed to help and improve someone. So, do you think you need this?

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