Date In 3 Minutes

Collect and select. Are you open to go on 10 dates in a day? Are you afraid to meet (the wrong) people, and then play hard to get? Are you too busy to go on actual dates but still very much interested to meet your match? Well, there is no more need to go to bars to look for that date. If you're are very much in the dating scene now, then SpeedDate is for you.

Take away browsing profiles and prolonged chatting. SpeedDate is the most effective and quickest way for you to meet great people on the web by engaging in 3-minute video dates. Anyone with a web cam and a microphone can join the latest fad in online dating. Unlike social networking sites, there are no profiles filled with lies and exaggerations. Pairs judge each other face to face and click yes or no at the end of the 3-minute date. Most people would agree that you would know within the first few minutes of meeting someone, if there is a possiblity of romance.

SpeedDate's site is certainly bustling with traffic now. But for how long? Can't wait til the likes of Facebook, Myspace, Hi5 or Friendster comes up with a similar service.

But as for now... SpeedDate is calling all internet Romeos and Juliets out there.

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