Dating Don'ts

I already gave up the dating scene since I got hitched a decade ago. I am no dating expert and though I can't advice you with authority what to do during dates, I sure can tell you what you shouldn't.

So here are dating mistakes that you should avoid. These are pure common sense but you'll be surprised how many of these rules you’ve probably broken in your dating experience. When you’re out on a date make sure that you don’t commit any of the following things.
  • Don't lie
  • Don't be late
  • Don't check out other people
  • Don't be desperate
  • Don't give out too many personal details
  • Don't be rude or ignorant
  • Don't get drunk
  • Don't date married people
  • Don't put your safety in danger
  • Don't date with someone you're not interested
  • Don't lead people on
I'm sure some of the readers here can give us some Do's.

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