Gadget Or The Girl

Women think it's bad to be dumped for another woman. I don't know how will they react if they get rejected for a mobile phone.

Gadget crazy men will surely have a hard time deciding which to choose, the gadget? or the girl? Playboy TV is soon to telecast on September the first episode of reality TV show with that premise. "Gadget Or The Girl?" asks the question that is in all men's minds.

The show is like the "Temptation Island" or "The Bachelor". The episode starts with one guy and three hot chicks. In the initial round, the guy will pick two girls out of the three and get to know each other. Eventually, he will have to narrow down his choice to one woman. For the last round, the guy has to decide between spending a weekend getaway with the girl of his choice or a gadget (could be a high end laptop or a 60-inch plasma TV). If the guy picks the girl, the girl gets to keep the gadget that was pitched against her.

Hmm, is it that hard to pick? How about you? What would you choose?


Calv said...

hmmm.... if the guy's a nerd he should definitely choose the girl, unless he's an introvert and doesn't want to spend time with hot girls.

i would prolly choose the gadget. hehehe.

Gem said...

The question appropriate for me is: the gadget or the guy.

I'd choose the guy who loves gadgets!