Get Paid While Searching

Everytime I start my browser, my home page opens Google. Whether it's the usual Firefox or the occasional IE, it's always Google. Whether I search for the web, images of news, it's Google. Search engines are big businesses because you use them. The top search engines make billions of dollars a year from advertising revenue. Wouldn't it be nice if you get a piece of those billions?

You now can. Use Scour! I just found it today and I am excited by it's possibilities. I still have the impression that Google is the best out there and Yahoo and MSN are distant search alternatives. But, I think we need a little competition in the search market.

Scour has two distinct advantages over Google. First, the results are voted by other users. In theory, only the best stuff should come up to the top of the list. Second, they offer you incentives for using it. You earn points for searching with it, commenting, voting, referring, etc. The points can then be redeemed for Visa gift cards.

You can see the accumulation of your points in real time. When you reach 6500 points you can redeem them with a $25 Visa gift card. For 12500 points, you can cash them out with a $50 Visa gift card. And for 25000 points, you get a $100 Visa gift card. For users outside of US, payout is via PayPal.

Does this mean that there's no more Google for me? Not really. Scour displays the search results fetched from Google, Yahoo and MSN all on the same page. So, if you don’t like the Scour results, you can still see what Google lists.

I like the points system. Even though you would have to use it for a while to actually get rewarded, you still do get rewarded. I don't get this from Google, though I thank them for hosting this blog.

Scour also offers you incentives for referring people and you earn 25% of what they earn. If you think that this is something that is worth your while, you try Scour.

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