Google, Still Firefox' Default Search Engine

I'm happy that I will continue to get the best of both worlds. My preferred search engine Google is still the the default search engine of my browser of choice, Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox, made by Mozilla now serves 20 percent of the browser market.

Google and Mozilla have renewed a deal that will last until November 2011, extending the agreement by three years.

John Lilly, chief executive of Mozilla, added: "We're very, very happy about our relationship with Google and this makes sure that Mozilla will be sustainable and thrive for quite a long time to come."

The deal which is 85 per cent of Mozilla's total revenues is in the ballpark figure of $57 million.

Google stands to benefit from the browser's growth. Firefox users are more likely to use Google Search and are thus more likely to see — and click on — Google ads. Firefox also sports a Google toolbar.

In a related news, Internet Explorer, which remains the dominant browser, just released IE8 this week.

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