Maximize Screen Space In A Single Monitor

I multitask a lot. In the office, we maximize PC usage by utilizing three 17" LCD monitors with one CPU. The additional screens allows me to view our monitoring systems, my outlook email, a spreadsheet or a document application all at the same time.

Back home, though I do not have the luxury of multiple monitors, multitasking has been easier with WinSplit Revolution. For Windows PC only, the apps allows you to move and resize windows to any side or corner of your screen. The multiple windows has maximized the usage of as many applications as my RAM could handle. It provided me full use of the precious productivity space, specially when I want to keep a dashboard of information available at all times. WinSplit Revolution's simple keyboard shortcuts quickly position the active window anywhere on your monitor (works with dual monitors too) so you can maximize your screen space. This program can do 4 different types of actions: quickly reposition/resize a window, fusion of 2 windows (a side by side split-screen), automatic mosaic-like tiling of all open windows, as well as provide a hotkey for the instant closing of all windows. With it, my 22" LED monitor can now display several windows fast. WinSplit Revolution is free.


Calv said...

nice although masisira mata ko if I do that on my 17".

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Jay said...

I agree. This probably works on screen sizes starting at 19" up.