Nuffnang Is Here

Nuffnang, Asia's first blog advertising company is now in the Philippines.

Nuffnang had its modest start in February of 2007 in Malaysia where 300 bloggers signed up in the first 3 days. With its initial success, it soon branched out in neighboring Singapore in April of the same year.

As of August 2008, 45,000 bloggers have already signed up with the company. Nuffnang has since then been featured in major regional daily publications like The Star Malaysia, The Sunday Times and The Straits Times Singapore.

Today, marks their start of operations in the country.

What sets Nuffnang apart from its competitors is its ability to attract blue chip companies such as Citibank, Nike, Nokia, Nescafe, Honda and many others as advertisers.

I've had my share of experience in using local blog ad companies like Asia Century and BlogBank Ads. I'm aware that there's Mad Crowd Media but I haven't tried them yet. If Nuffnang can bring in those world-class brands to our blogs here, then I'd be proud to bring them with me.

I'm testing Nuffnang now and though there are no ads displayed yet, 'Im beginning to love the cool dashboard and analytics that greets me when I log in to my account. Very promising so far. Welcome Nuffnang!


Calv said...

i wanna join. links please?

Jay said...

sure calvs, it's at

Admin said...

I just hope that this will give us more earning opportunites

earthlingorgeous said...

Hey Congrats! We won the Nuffnanger 68!

The Web Magazine said...

Congrats! We won the Nuffnanger 68!
it means Nuffnang is real!