Speed Up Your PC Tip # 3

So, this is now a series of speed up your PC tips. In case you missed out the first two, feel free to go back to the older posts. Having a speed-challenged DSL service provider and a limited RAM myself, I need to utilize a combination of all of these enhancers to improve my PC's performance.

Over time, programs accumulate with unnecessary junk. Pirisoft's CCleaner scours the apps and tells you what excess crap it can do without.

Unlike many cleaning programs, the CCleaner not only clears the obvious browser caches and the recycle bin but also scrubs out the temporary files from a long list of programs from Adobe, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nero, Norton and others. The volume of deletable files it detects will surprise you.

This freeware has a few extras such as a registry scanner and an uninstaller. It's like conducting a general cleaning of your PC everytime you boot up. And by the way, the "C" in CCleaner means crap.


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