Typing In The Dark

I often sleep late at night because of blogging. At times I just wanted to turn the lights off but I can't. Despite the years of typing I still need the light so I can occasionally glance at the keyboard.

Now we can already type in the dark. The Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED keyboard has 430 LEDs (light-emitting diodes) that is capable of individually lighting each key in your choice of color.

Available in black or white. The keys of the white Luxeed have a semi-transparent look and light up more brightly than the black. Only the letters are illuminated in the black Luxeed.

The Luxeed keyboard's programming software is only available for Windows.

I currently use a $10 multimedia keyboard. The Luxeed surely makes a cool DJ's accessory in a rave party or a gamer's peripheral at a LAN meet but at $200 a piece, I wish it could type by itself.

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