Wi-Fi Detecting Shirt

You just got in a cafe, hotel or donut shop and you wonder if they have Wi-Fi. Well, turn on your laptop and you'll know. Fortunately now, there's no more need to boot up your PC.

Get a shirt that can see the Wi-Fi waves! The ThinkGeek Wi-Fi detector shirt is not only a piece of cloth, and the fancy looking antenna is not only a decor. It glows whenever Wi-Fi signal is detected, giving you the opportunity to actually "see" those waves. Green bars around antenna display signal strength and help you find a good place with strong signal. Last but not least – all electronics can be easily detached from this shirt, so you can wash it whenever you want to.

It runs on 3 AAA batteries that are hidden in a special pocket of the shirt. Batteries are not included so you will have to buy them separately.

If you own a portable gaming device or a laptop, this shirt helps you find the perfect place to sit and relax, browse the internet or play games. But if you don't, just consider that you got the first blinking shirt in your wardrobe. At $29.99, it's not bad for a cool 100% cotton black shirt.

Now all I need are battery charging pants.

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