Home Theater In Your Pocket

As prices of LCD TVs have been going down in the past months, buying a bigger screen HDTV is getting more common these days. My personal choice for balance between size and value is a 32" LCD TV. I bet some of you have already made plans for a home theater come Christmas season. But if you think a wide screen HDTV is the only option, think again.

3M recently launched the road warrior's presentation solution, the MPro 110. This LED, battery-operated device has a VGA input that lets you plug in a laptop; and the composite video jack will take output from a digital camera, PSP, iPod, iPhone, or most any handheld device. A thumbwheel on the front allows you to focus. It projects images - photos, videos, and presentation 6 to 50 inches or more.

Sorry, no speakers. Besides what audio quality can you expect with this size?

I'm sure this gadget will soon find its way into the briefcases of mobile business executives. The projector will go on sale at about $500 on September 30. Within a year, 3M intends to squeeze it into cellphones.

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Janna said...

If I made enough money, this is one of those gadgets I would love to have. :)