Make Money Blogging

The keywords "Make Money Online" is so competitive that a Google search produces 36,800,00 results. A 3-month old newbie blogger like me is no expert on the subject but I know that I can at least guide you to a good start.

So if you have already given making money through blogging a thought, I am recommending some resources that you could give a try. You'll be surprised by the number of bloggers who already find blogging as a profitable medium. Whether you want to earn a few dollars for beer, or make enough money to consider this as a substantial sideline, or even to the point where you can make a full time living out of this. There are thousands of bloggers, locals and foreign who make serious money from blogging.

Though there are a variety of ways to earn, for a start I will be mentioning the 2 most common ones. There's PPC or Pay Per Click which is being dominated by Google Adsense and there's sponsored content that is being provided by companies like PayPerPost and Sponsored Reviews.

Top Pinoy bloggers earn at least $x,xxx/month while well-known foreign bloggers generate 5 to 6-figure incomes. While most of their earnings come from the advertisements placed in their sites with very high visitor traffic, new bloggers obviously cannot do the same for their start-up blogs.

In my case, the bulk of my blog income still come from paid posts, though my earnings from my ad placements are closing in. I know that as the number of my visitors rise, the value of my ads will also increase.

I will be discussing each of my "resources" in detail in my future posts. In the meantime, if you want to make some quick cash (ranging from $7.50 to $50.00), you might want to check out my Recommended Moneymakers. Most of them, you can find at the right portion of this blog.


Gem said...

There are indeed a lot of ways to make money online. I had to admit, I have not even discovered those other ways.

Paid posts provide great opportunities to earn, but you have to watch out for the PR, as it diminishes the opportunity to get more paid blogging jobs.

Good luck!

juler said...

Paid post is a bread and butter mostly of bloggers specially those don't focus much on SEO...
Like gem said, PR should be take into consideration, however if you don't care about PR then why bother about it... :)