Make Money Online From Domain Names

I bought my domain name "" from Google for $10. It's nothing fancy and spectacular and I even find it too long.

I would have opted for "" but when I checked it out, its current owner is selling it for $50. They valued it at 5 times its original cost, a price which I am not willing to take.

Would you say that selling a product with a 400% mark up is good business? If you'll say that it is, you'll be surprised at the worth of some of the web addresses around. Sure, they're just simply names but they could play a very important role in the success of your website.

What happens to these very sought after names? Well, people can sell them for a certain price according to its demand. By statistics of the estimated prices of the web addresses, the top 5 of the most expensive web addresses are;
  • - $12 million
  • - $9.2 million
  • $7.5 million
  • - $7.5 million
  • - $7 million
14 years ago, a guy bought the domain name "" for $20. Not a bad investment at all, as last April it was bought for $2.6 million. That's capitalization that was multiplied 130,000 times!

Would you say that's too much? I bet it is. I'm only selling mine at 1000 times the price I bought it for. Calling all telcos out there. My web address would make a good business blog for your companies right? :)

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Gem said...

You never know, that might be worth millions after 14 years!