More Money Leads To Better Sex

No, I'm not talking about hiring prostitutes. Sure money can't buy you love but according to a study, the more money you have, the better sex you get. This is based in a survey among 600 high-net-worth individuals. The results added that rich women enjoy sex the most.

Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince, researchers on the habits of the rich and famous concluded that, "In seeking a higher-quality sexual experience, the number of well-heeled women that lead more adventurous and exotic sex lives, have had an affair or joined the mile-high club far outdistances that of men -- and the affluent gender gap in views on sex doesn't end there".

They surveyed people with an average net worth of $89 million, and those who make more than $9 million per year. "The majority of men and women credit their private wealth with achieving a better sex life. When viewed separately, a larger percentage of women agree with the statement, perhaps indicating that females derive a greater degree of empowerment from their financial independence than their male counterparts" the survey found.

84% of rich women and 63% of rich men say having money means having better sex.

Nearly 93% of women said that higher-quality sex is the greatest sexual benefit of personal wealth - and the biggest benefit overall to being rich.

"And while having sex with multiple partners simultaneously was less important to both genders, more than three times as many men cited it as a benefit than women did," Grove and Prince said. 73% of women and 53% of men in the study have had extramarital affairs.

I really don't find this as a surprising revelation. Sex is closely linked to self-esteem and since wealth usually brings greater self-esteem, then wealth can improve someone’s sex life.

Damn, I could have a chance, if only it is the other way around. Better sex leads to more money.

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