My Blog Posts Copied

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But I find no sincerity from someone who copies my blog posts nor do I feel any flattery from it.

I was browsing blogs earlier and lo and behold. I came across this blog by a self-proclaimed SEO expert and was stuck in his site because of a post. You decide for yourself. This is my original post and this is his post. He copied the title, the text and the image. Everything except my name.

My post mentioned the names of some people I know from my internet service provider and this guy didn't even bother to edit it. Those names are still there. It's as if he also personally knows them. Is this laziness or just plain stupidity?

This is the second time that my post was "stolen". Stolen? Yes, just like piracy, plagiarism is theft. I also found a copy of an old post of mine from this blog. Worse, the blogger even antedated her post date so now it looks like I was the one who copied her!

Finding copycats of your posts is easy using either Google or Copyscape. You can then query on Whois to find out who owns or registered the domain where you found the copy. In my case, I learned that this schmuck is from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Now comes the hard part, getting this person to take the post down. I'm sending this kid a polite email requesting him to delete his post.

How about you? What would you do if you find someone ripping off your post word per word?


LifeRamblings said...

this is horrible. i'm sorry to hear that you had to deal with this. perhaps you should contact the offender's ISP to shut down the said blog.

Calv said...

what a jerk. i have some of my post copied by others but those are from splogs (spam blogs).

this seo site looks kinda legit though. what a jerk. did you try contacting the owner yet?

Tiffany Khoo said...

Woah. That has never happened to me.

You should go attack the copycat with a cleaver. :D

Alright, enough violence.
That's sad though. And no credit even.

*lynne* said...

I've heard about this happening - usually the advice is to ask politely, and if there is no response, escalate it to their ISP provider or something. Make sure you keep screen shots too. And unfortunately in this day and age the onus is on us to prevent the theft - I've seen the "protected by copyscape" logo on lots of blogs.

Last I checked I didn't see any plagiarising of my work: no flattery for me, LoL!

Asif Anwar ( said...

Hi Jay,

Found your post through Google Alerts on SEO in Bangladesh.

Plagiarism is still not a crime in Bangladesh. But, there is law for cyber crime. As a blogger (specially from Bangladesh), I also feel that no one should take the credit of others and claim it to be their post.

Anyway, Google has a good way of showing the original post and refer traffic for that. I have previously posted a short article on how google punishes duplicate content. I hope other search engines will update their algorithm for Anti-Plagiarism. In that sense, you don't need to worry. But, if you change the URL of the post, Google will think that the Tanbir's post is original, since your's will be the newer one. So, it's always safe not to be copied.

But again, there will always be splogs (according to Calvin) and robot-based content snatchers. There is no use in fighting for it. People posting unreal posts can go nowhere. Again, this boy may also be a fan of your blog. So, be clever in your approach.

Good luck and keep up the good job.

Asif Anwar.

zchelle said...

yayks! its really the same.. word for word..

N!cky said...

I think when people copy other's post, they should at least give some credit to the main creator.

S-ELINA said...

Few of my posts have been copied by other people too. futher more, that person was someone i know but not that close thou.
Well this kind of things can make you angry and happy at the same time. Happy that maybe what we wrote are good and nice. But angry that they just copy without asking etc.

TC said... can refer to the law book to sue him for that. ^^

Anonymous said...

I dont write great posts - but I always see my posts get copied somewhere else - even in some filipino sites.

But I never bothered to even write them or call their attention at all. Its a futile effort. Just leave them alone, better not visit the site.

Google can detect a duplicate content - hopefully. Not until there's a way to stop this practice - we cannot do so much.

TC said...

I also hate those COPYCATSSSS