New Technology To Predict Crime

Remember the movie "Minority Report" starred by Tom Cruise? It tells the story of a special police department called "Precrime" which apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge, provided by three psychics termed "precogs".

Well, crooks now better beware as the US Department of Homeland Security got inspired and took a cue from the sci-fi film. They have been researching a sensor system that tries to predict "hostile thoughts". They call it "Future Attribute Screening Technologies" or FAST. It remotely checks people's pulse rate, breathing patterns, skin temperature and momentary facial expressions to see if they're up to no good.

The system uses an array of sensors—everything from cameras to infrared sensors to eye-safe laser radars—to do its job, and it then collates the data to determine if people are displaying biological markers that signifies evil intention.

It still sounds too high tech to me but I can't wait until they come out with a working prototype and test it on our politicians.

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Anonymous said...

As if racial profiling weren't enough! Now we get held up because we have a headache or are just generally irritable? Oh Canada!