Fastest Way To Make Money From Blogging

I've been asked several times how much I earn from blogging. It's a question that I am really trying to avoid to answer (at least this early, my 4th month). Let me just say that at this point, I still can't make a living through my blogging income.

But to give non-bloggers an idea, do you know that one way of how a blogger earns is through paid posting? As a newbie blogger, I have been fortunate to obtain posting projects that pays me at an average of $25/post. It is not unusual for bloggers who are just starting to get $5/post opportunities.

Though the most logical way for you to earn with your start-up blog is to sign up for Google Adsense right away, the fastest way for you to get paid is via paid posts. Sure, PPC (paid per click) income is residual income and it can earn you money even while you sleep, but it could take you months before your blog generates enough clicks to qualify for Adsense's minimum $100 payout.

As for paid posting, there were hundreds of writing opportunities available when I checked earlier... though I'm pretty selective at what I choose to write.

There's a wide range of products and services that you may review and it could be about online casinos, credit cards, loans, bill consolidation, games, insurance, dating, real estate, shopping, computers, health, travel, etc.

So if you feel like you could write about all those variety of topics, then you're in to earn a lot. You can even earn a quick $7.50 from PayPerPost for just reviewing any of my posts here and publish it in your blog. You can also sign up in any of my Recommended Moneymakers and Sponsors that you see in my blog.

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