Sony Stereos With Hard Drives

I've owned several pretty decent PC speakers in the past and I have to say that none of those came close to matching the audio quality of my dedicated home stereo. So, a few months back I decided to just directly connect my computer to my stereo speakers. My setup now gives justice to my MP3 collection which I usually play while using my PC.

It's good to know that Sony recently introduced its NetJuke music NAS audio systems.

The NAS-M500HD and NAS-M700HD both come with a 160GB hard drive for storing music. They have a 4.3-inch LCD display, CD player an output power of 2×20W, DLNA 1.0, support for MP3, WMA and ATRAC music formats. There are Ethernet port, dual USB ports, WM-PORT, analog audio out and headphone out.

The CMT-E300HD has 80GB hard drive and comes with a USB port. A smaller bookshelf stereo model dubbed as NAS-M7HD which has an integrated 40GB hard drive is also available.

All the four devices can do CD to HDD recording .

Now that stereos already have hard disc drives, I look forward to HDTVs with HDDs soon.

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Calv said...

160GB is a bit of an overkill for just mp3's hehehe. 40GB is enough for me.