Earn $2000 Per Month From Blog Visits

I have always wondered how much other bloggers are earning. Except for a few bloggers who post regularly about their monthly income (which may or may not be true), I could only make a guesstimate for the rest.

b5media, a global ad network recently released a memo regarding its new pay structure for its partners. It reveals that for their bloggers (some of them are Pinoys) to take a $2000 paycheck, they need to generate 500,000 page views per month.

Wow, that's a lot of traffic. I have read some Pinoy bloggers breaching the $1K income/month mark, though I am not sure if they are able to do it consistently.

With earnings like these, does it mean that the average Pinoy could now quit his job and start blogging? Hell, the answer is No. It could be the dumbest financial and career decision that you will make in your life.

BlogAds president Henry Copeland cautions bloggers not to get too excited. He said, "Only about 200 bloggers out of the estimated 20 million out there could actually quit their day jobs".

True, I agree. But my blog income just paid for my electricity, water and internet bill last month, so I really wouldn't mind earning the extra $15 to $50 per post, would you?


TNH said...

Yup..agree..i'm a new blogger and never got paid yet..but i think to earn some extra money won't be a proble..besides i do enjoy blogging..

Snow said...

hmmm, is this for real? blogging seems to be a career to some yata.

Gem said...

I'd have to agree with snow. Given with the statistics that there are only 200 bloggers, there had been quite a lot of bloggers who are able to get income stream simply by blogging. The most often employed trick is diversification, so that if one income stream is down, the other one supports it.

Thus, the dispute to quit one's job is possible. Big bloggers had seen this opportunity and blogged about it and had successfully made it big both in SEO and social media (thus this is where their huge traffic came from).

Louie Sison said...


I read a lot of from blogs to riches stories. I may not know if those stories are true or not. I am a new blogger. My blog is just a month old. I am always optimistic in earning money from it.

By the way, I got your site from the e-zone and you got a great community of bloggers. I am hoping I can join by adding me in your blogroll. In return I will add you too in my site.

Thanks in advance.