Put Lyrics In Your Music Player

Filipinos are known music and karaoke lovers. I am aware that having MP3s played in the background while working in our PCs have become such a common practice for many of us.

We may disagree in our choice of music players, there's Winamp, Windows Media Player, Apple iTunes, RealPlayer or MediaMonkey, but for the singer in all of us, we'll surely miss a lot without having the MiniLyrics.

Sure, anyone can open a web browser, type in the name of the artist or song and then select the appropriate lyrics. But with MiniLyrics, it automatically searches the internet, then displays the lyrics in sync of the currently playing song. It supports more than a dozen of the most popular audio software available including the ones enumerated above.

Although its database of songs is far from comprehensive, I'm surprised that the application even turned out a substantial number of OPM songs. Its speed and accuracy in displaying lyrics even impresses me more.

I bet you won't even find its price objectionable, because it's totally free! Try it out and download MiniLyrics here.