Save Money Using USBCell Batteries

I own 2 chargers and a number of rechargeable AA batteries which I use primarily on my Kodak digital camera and 2 Wii remotes. I have been recharging the cells on an average of twice a week since I bought them last year. On this account, they have probably saved me about a thousand pesos already on battery purchases.

While some devices have custom battery packs or modules, a vast majority of the gizmos are still powered by the common AA battery. Since these gadgets do not come with a way to recharge themselves, these USBCells from Moixa provides a solution that eliminates the need for a separate charger by utilizing USB ports instead.

At first glance, the USBCell batteries look the same as with any other AA battery but that is where it stops. The top cap opens to reveal a USB connector for charging.

A LED lights up when the USBCells are plugged in to charge and provides you a continuous status of its progress. While the battery level is below 90% charge, the LED stays solid. It begins to flash to let you know that battery level has already reached 90% and is almost fully charged.

As I passed by CDR-King's website earlier, I was happy to see that Moixa USBCell is already available locally. So if you no longer want to look for your battery chargers next time, go get these rechargeables now. It sells at P250 a pair.


chuafc2006 said...

wow, how much mAH is the battery able to capacitate?

this is one kind of battery i have nvr seen before...

Calv said...

wow nice find!does it use the mini-usb or regular usb jack?

Jay said...

it's only 1300mAh. the storage
cell in the battery must have been intentionally smaller to make room for the USB (regular sized jack) connector.