Make Money From Adgitize

Up to now, the bigger part of my blog income still comes from paid posting. It has been more than a month already though since I accepted a sponsored review. Since I'm very choosy when it comes to accepting writing opportunities, my objective in the coming months is to slowly divert the bulk of my blog revenue from advertising.

Earlier, I came across a promising blog ad company called Adgitize. If you're an existing blogger who is familiar with Entrecard where you earn can EC credits, Adgitize provides a similar experience but with a big difference, you actually make real money from its advertising.

Adgitize reward you points on a variety of ways; 1. when someone clicks on your ad, 2. when you click on other members' ads, 3. when someone visits your web site or blog, and 4. whenever you write an article on your blog.

Your accumulated points are then converted to cash at the end of each month. It would also be faster for you to receive your earnings because the minimum payout through PayPal is only 10 dollars.

Signing up is free, so be a part of the first batch of bloggers to receive the first payout. Check out Adgitize through the banner located at this blog's title header.


Calv said...

hmmm so ok ba na palitan yung EC slot ko ng Adgitize?

Jay said...

well, you could consider that. in my case, i'm testing this now side by side with EC.

Yale Zeuqsalev said...

I've signed up! It could definitely be better than EC because it earns cash rather than credits. But we'll see if it'll give my blog more traffic.

Snow said...

hmmm, sounds nice. try ko nga rin itong adgitize. thanks for the info bro. ^_^


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