Shop From US Online Stores

I have always drooled over the PCs, laptops and gizmos featured in gadget review blogs. While a number of them are available here in the Philippines, it is very disappointing that the ridiculously high local cost here are nowhere near its American dollar prices. Still, many of the products are just available only in the US.

What makes it more difficult to obtain those items is that online stores like Amazon, New Egg, Best Buy, Tiger Direct and others only ship within the US.

Well, that wouldn't be a concern anymore as Johnny Air's Shop Online Service offers to ship your purchases via a door-to-door express parcel service from the US to the Philippines.

Furthermore, if you do not have a credit card, you can choose to deposit your cash payment in a local Johnny Air office and the company can shop for you using their credit card.

I have long been waiting for this type of service and I'm sure many of you who fancy some of the products that you see from US online stores will also consider this service in time for your Christmas shopping.

What bothers me though is that many of the email addresses of the various Johnny Air locations are only utilizing Yahoo mail. For such a sensitive transaction like purchasing online I hope that Johnny Air will realize that the company use of free web-based email do not specially promote confidence among its potential clients.

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