Smart Now Into Location Based Text Ads?

I took a quick nap at mid afternoon, earlier today (it's my rest day) when a text message bothered me. I got more pissed as when I read the message and I learned that it was one of those unsolicited SMS ads from Smart.

The message read, "Join Pepsi Kada Can... Go to Limketkai Mall CDO or SM CDO with ur barkada...". It's kinda creepy as how did Smart know that I'm located in a city where these malls are also located. It wouldn't be a surprise if I was using a post-paid line but I'm on pre-paid.

I could only speculate of 2 things. One, I joined a few Smart promos in the past and they must have kept a file of my personal info, or two, they must have sent those texts through their cell sites in the vicinity.

Now, this is a breakthrough in SMS advertising as they have successfully targeted the market based on location. Call it creative or a marketing genius but sorry, I call it spam!

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