Women Prefer Internet Than Sex

Just how important is the internet to people? The results of a poll say that its bad news for men. Intel found out that 46 percent of women would rather go without sex for two weeks than go without the internet.

It's not much of a surprise because another poll says that 35 percent of the men would give up their spouse rather than their smartphone. Maybe some of these women are married to these men. So this preference for technology works for both men and women.

Still, apparently just 30 percent of men would swap sex for the internet for a two-week period. The goal of the Intel survey was to show how much the Internet means to people. Harris Interactive conducted the survey for Intel, putting the questions to 2,119 adults last month.

So if you find your sex life declining, cutting off your internet connection might be a good idea, right? Not so fast. Volunteers for these online surveys probably already have unhealthy addictions to the internet and might make imperfect proxies for all internet users.