Why do Businesses need Social Media?

Social Media has become a pervasive part in the lives of consumers today. Popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ have quickly grown to hundreds of millions of users, and the acceptance of Social Media has no end in sight. It has changed the traditional, corporate monologue into a two-way communication with customers and prospects.

So, what can Social Media do for businesses? Among many things, it allows Companies and Brands to learn more about the target market easier and more affordably; it levels the playing field for Brands of every size and industry, it provides more cost-effective communication compared to traditional channels, it utilizes the importance and relevancy of “now” – real time communication, and it delivers a wider reach compared to other marketing communications channel.

The time for businesses to embrace Social Media channels to reach the audience is now. There are several objectives every company should consider in performing social activity and these may include;

·       Building Brand Awareness
·       Making Customer Interaction personal
·       Adding Social Media to Product Launches
·       Embracing Social Media to build the Sales Pipeline
·       Calling the Community to Action

Social Media is a tool for connecting people with/and those around them. Businesses have the opportunity to use Social Media to expand their online footprint and directly engage with consumers.

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