Why Market Your Business On Facebook?

It can no longer be denied for any business that Facebook matters now. Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world. More than 400 million people log on and spend twenty billion minutes a day. Facebook is changing every facet of business and society. What does this mean to your business?

Today, Facebook has a user base of over 1.11 billion with more than half of the users making it an integral part of their daily lives, making the site a great marketing venue for your products and services. Facebook provides businesses a place to connect to potential customers. Social media is affecting your business. Every customer suddenly has a voice, and what they say is automatically broadcasted to their friends. Brands are being imperiled by a lone customer’s negative opinion that goes viral and businesses have to become more responsive. 

Top companies who understand how to grow fans and followers are harvesting the benefits of repeat sales, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, and referrals. The way Facebook pages work is that when your “fans” engage on your wall, all their friends also see the mesage on their Facebook news feed. Your page works for you, promoting itself. It’s a viral network and anything you do on it will be noticed by your audience. Realize though that collecting fans is not the end goal of your Facebook page, it’s the conversation and engagement. Those who don’t use Facebook will miss out these important customer conversations. 

Spend some time creating and customizing your Facebook business fan page to make it stand out. Facebook allows a number of useful applications to be installed in your page, anything from a welcome/landing tab, polls, video tabs that display your YouTube channel, link to your company web site, to email opt-in forms that generate sales leads for you. 

In marketing your business today, would you still choose to continue not using Facebook?

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