Hello Everyone, 

Welcome to Web Buzzr. My name is Jay and this is my personal journal where I share my thoughts about social media, technology, gadgets, opportunities, inspirations, and tips on just about anything on how to get things better, faster, and more efficient.

I am a fun-loving, social media professional who is also a contractor, freelancer, community manager, and speaker, providing services to companies (mostly) through www.upwork.com. I optimize companies’ online brand presence with digital marketing through the use of social media channels and other web technologies. 

I aim to assist businesses in “getting found online” in a digital world and make companies successful. I advocate the use of Internet to help businesses and individuals to market themselves efficiently by engaging other people and companies in conversations that build trust and relationships. 

I currently live with my lovely wife Anne and my two kids, Jad and Josh.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have fun and benefit from this blog.